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Procedure for Request of Re-issue of Income tax Refund for previous Financial Year

Procedure for Request of Re-issue of Income tax Refund Online. Many Times Income Tax Refund is not Received and everyone does not know how to Request for Re-issue of Income tax Refund. After Providing top Reasons for Income Tax Refund Failure and Latest income Tax Slab Rates for AY 2015-16, Today we provide Procedure for Request of Re-issue of Income tax Refund. In this article you can find full Procedure for How to Request re-issue of Income tax Refund?, we also Provide Procedure to apply for refund – reissue for refund related to AY 2009-10 and succeeding years and Procedure to apply for refund – reissue for refund related to A.Y. 2008-09.  Now you can scroll down below and check complete Procedure for Request of Re-issue of Income tax Refund.

Procedure for Request of Re-issue of Income tax Refund

Income Tax Refund cheque issued by CPC Bangalore Returned undelivered or not been credited due to wrong account info, expired cheque etc?
Nowadays Assessee who file their Income tax Return online gets their refund cheque issued by CPC Bangalore. Refunds are issued by two modes:-
1.                      By crediting the refund amount in Assessee’s bank account if the Assessee has correctly mentioned his bank details in Income tax Return Filed by him.
2.          By sending Income Tax Refund Cheque if Assessee failed to submit or correctly mention his bank account details in Income tax Return filed by him.
In the case of Physical cheques, there may be chances that after the filing of Income tax Return Assessee has moved to new address and his Income tax Refund cheque issued by CPC Bangalore returned back for non-delivery.  There may also be a chance that although the address is not changed but Assessee could not receive the refund order as any one was there on the day when the cheque was delivered or Refund cheque returned undelivered by the postal department as the house was locked.
Further in case Assessee has applied for ECS but has entered wrong account details or account of which details been entered is closed and ECS to such account been failed.
In such cases, one question arises what Assessee should do to request reissue of Refund cheque or how to request Credit of that account in his bank account and how to intimate the change in address?
Procedure to apply for refund – reissue for refund related to AY 2009-10 and succeeding years
     1.                      Logon on to with your user ID and Password.
     2.                      Go to MY Account →Refund Reissue Request
     3.                      The screen below appears, you need to enter the necessary details and click on submit button.


·                          Please refer to the pictorial representation shown below; indicating the CPC reference number and refund sequence number as can be seen in the Order u/s 143(1)/154, Income Tax Act, 1961.

Intimation Pictorial Representation:

5.                  The assessee has two options to apply Refund Reissue- ECS or Paper.
6.      ECS Mode: Select the mode of Refund reissue, Bank Account Details – Can be changed, if required, category and click submit.
·                          Please note that from AY 2013-14 onwards, Assessee need enter IFSC code instead of MICR code for
·                          Find below the table with reasons for refund failure at CPC and the resolution thereof.

Procedure to apply for refund – reissue for refund related to A.Y. 2008-09

Assessee needs to download the address/bank details modification form (Response Sheet) from the website of Income Tax department, fill the same and after that he needs to send the same by ORDINARY or SPEED POST along with cancelled cheque and other supporting documents to:
“Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka”
To Download the need to take Response Sheet Assessee Following steps:-
 1.                      Visit
 2.                      Enter login details.
 3.                      after login go to sub menu ‘Response Sheet for Refund Failure Status’ under the main menu ‘My Account’ (Please note I have not found the link in Menu which was there earlier)
 4.                      Download the response sheet.
It is to be noted if there is any change in address of the Assessee needs to get the same updated with PAN master database by filing Form No. 49A for correction in PAN Data.

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