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Prepare at a time 100 Employees Income Tax Form 16 Part B for F.Y. 2018-19 With Income Tax Slab Rates FY 2019-20 (AY 2020-21)

Salary Tax Slab Rates stay unaltered in the Interim Budget 2019 for the following Financial Year. Be that as it may, Tax Rebate U/S 87A expanded from Rs 2,500/ – to Rs 12,500/ – , Individuals with Taxable Income up to Rs 5 lacs will appreciate 100% assessment refund. Salary Tax Slab Rates outline above demonstrates the most recent Tax rates material for the Financial Year 2019-2020 (Assessment Year 2020-21). Wellbeing and Education Cess is exacted @ 4% on Income Tax payable. Standard Deduction re-presented a year ago has been expanded to Rs 50,000/-. Assessable Income alongside exclusion limit for Senior Citizens has been talked about beneath.

The increment in Standard Deduction for Salaried Individuals: Standard Deduction has been raised from Rs 40,000/ – to Rs 50,000/ – for the Financial Year 2019-2020. Standard Deduction was presented in the Financial Year 2018-19 in lieu of Conveyance Allowance and Medical Reimbursement.
Standard Deduction is to be deducted from the Salary Income, preceding the estimation of Taxable Income.
Assessable Income = Gross Total Income – Deductions (Standard Deduction + Deduction Allowed Under Chapter VI-An of Income Tax Act)
Net Total Income
Net Total Income incorporates the total payments under the 5 heads of pay, to be specific, Salary Income, Income from House Property, Income from Business or Profession, Capital Gains and Income from Other Sources.
Assessable Income
Assessable Income is gotten from the Gross Total Income in the wake of subtracting qualified Deductions (Std.Deduction and Deductions permitted U/S 80C to U).
Assessment Rebate under Section 87A
People with Taxable Income up to Rs 5,00,000/ – (5 lacs) will be qualified for tax reduction up to Rs 12,500/ – . This infers no duty is payable on assessable salary up to 5 lacs. No Tax Rebate is accessible if Taxable Income surpasses Rs 5,00,000/ – . People may likewise decrease their Tax Liability by benefiting Deductions accessible under Chapter VI-An of the Income Tax Act (U/S 80C, D, E and so forth). Expense Deductions will be shrouded in a different article.
Extra charge of 10% will be appropriate on Income between Rs 50 lacs to Rs 1 crore.
Extra charge of 15% if the Total Income surpasses Rs 1 Crore.
Wellbeing and Education Cess of 4% are imposed on Total Income Tax and on Surcharge if relevant.
Pay Tax Slab Rates For Senior and Super Senior Citizens
Singular Residents who fall in the age section of 60-80 years (Senior Citizen) the exclusion on Taxable Income is up to Rs 3,00,000/-. For Income over as far as possible, the typical assessment rate will be material. Be that as it may, if the assessable pay is underneath Rs 5 lacs, Rebate under 87A is accessible.
Singular Residents who are over 80 yrs of age (Super Senior Citizens) the exclusion on Taxable Income is up to Rs 5,00,000/-. For Income over as far as possible, the typical expense rate will be pertinent.

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