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Download Automated Income Tax Form 16 Part B for F.Y. 2018-19 With the Most Effective Way to Achieve 1,50,000 u/s 80C Without Any Investment

Each individual needs to spare duty. Along these lines, a portion of the general population attempt to dodge the charge, which isn’t right for the benefit of a dependable resident of a nation. For sparing duty the most widely recognized and most ideal way is the utilization of segment 80C of the pay charge act,1962. Section 80C is the segment which gives each individual a few conclusions from the assessable salary which causes each person to spare expense. The greatest furthest reaches of Section 80C is Rs.1,50,000. This much farthest point could spare duty a great deal as this may help a portion of the person to get in lower chunk rate.
Individuals, for the most part, take this derivation by putting resources into a portion of the recommended stores or securities. Be that as it may, there are a lot more approaches to achieve the most extreme point of confinement other than by speculation. Area 80C does not support just venture but rather likewise offers tax reductions in different costs too.
How to reach Rs.1,50,000 limit without speculation?
School and College Tuition Fees
The derivation is permitted just for full-time course in India. This reasoning takes into consideration the limit of 2 youngsters. Installment set aside a few minutes instruction, separate learning, private training and gifts, late expenses, transport charges are not permitted as finding.
Reimbursement of Home Loans
Reimbursement of credit taken for Purchase and development of private property is permitted as finding. The finding is permitted just for an important sum. Reimbursement of advance taken for a fix, support, recreation isn’t permitted as reasoning. The reasoning is permitted just if such advance is taken from Central Government, bank, LIC or National Housing Bank. On the off chance that the property is exchanged before years, at that point conclusion won’t be permitted and derivation permitted before is considered to be a salary of that monetary year.
Costs paid as Stamp Duty and Registration Charges can be taken as derivation
Installment of life coverage premium is permitted as reasoning
A large number of us take Life Insurance Policy as speculation. In any case, in the event that we consider LIC term plans, it can not be considered as speculations plans.
The approach must be taken in the citizen’s name or mate’s or any youngster’s name (regardless of whether wedded/unmarried or subordinate/autonomous, minor/major). HUF can take an approach for the sake of its individuals.
Provident Fund commitment by the representative
The provident reserve commitment by worker aggregated over years could be simply the significant constituent which could be more than Rs.1,50,000. 12% of fundamental pay + D.A. is deducted by the boss and kept in Employee’s Provident Fund or Recognized Provident Fund.
Entirety paid under non-commutable conceded annuity for a person on the life of the citizen, life partner or youngster is permitted under this Section 80C.
After every one of these consumptions you might be left with no general point of confinement of 80C however on the off chance that it is there, it will be excessively less.
That you can top off with the venture. The ventures under segment 80C are:
•        PPF
•        NSC
•        Post office Fixed store
•        Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
•        ELSS
•        Fixed Deposit Account informed by Central Government
•        Mutual Funds
•        Bonds of NABARD
•        Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme
•        The unit connected Insurance Plans (ULIP)

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