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Automated Pension Form Single Comprehensive Form for W.B.Govt Employees ( Amended Version)

Automated Single Comprehensive Form with all related Forms which are calculated Automatically after filling the necessary data of the Employees who are the verge of Retirement. This Single Comprehensive Form newly published by the West Bengal Finance Department Vide Order No. 398(Pen) Dated 13/09/2012.
This Single Comprehensive Form can prepare at a time your all of Pension Papers along with the all related Form which can prepare automatically after filling the main Data Input Sheet.
This Excel Utility is most easy to fill and install on any computer. No need to fill this form as manually.
The Feature of this Excel Utility:
1) Prepare Automatic Single Comprehensive Form ( For Final Retirement)
2) Automatically Calculate the Gratuity Calculation and Commuted of Pension Amount.
3) Automatically calculate the Pension Amount +  Family Pension
4) Automatically calculate the total length of Service.
Main Data Input Sheet
Single Comprehensive Form
Calculation Sheet

Click here to Download Excel Utility Automated Single Comprehensive Form for West Bengal Govt Employees ( Amended Version)

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