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All in One TDS on Salary in Excel for the Non-Govt Employees for the Financial Year 2016-17 and Ass Y.R 2016-17

Click here to Download the Automatic All in One TDS on Salary for Non -Govt Employees for the F.Y 2016-17 ( Prepare at a time Individual Tax Compute Sheet + Individual Salary Structure + Automated HRA Exemption + Automated Form 16 Part A&B and Part B + Form 12 BA)
Section – 10 (5)
Exemption for Leave Travel Concession
The amount actually incurred in a performance of travel on leave to any place in India by the shortest route to that place is exempt. This is subject to a maximum of the air economy fare or AC 1st Class fare (if a journey 
is performed by the mode other than air) by such route.
Provided  that the exemption shall be available only in respect of two journeys performed in a block of 4 calendar years.

Section – 10(10):
Gratuity Exemption
Descriptions :
Least of the following will be exempt
1. Amount received
2. Max  Rs. 10,00,000
3. 15*/26 x LS x (CYS + Fraction 6 months)
LS : Last Month Salary Drawn (Salary means Basic + DA (both))

Section – 10(10A)
Commuted Pension, Actual  Amount

Section – 10(10AA)
Leave Encashment upon Retirement
Other Employee Least of the following will be exempted
1.Amount Received
2.Rs. 3, 00,000
3.10 x AS
(LE or 30 days) Received by Employee During the Employment (Fully TAXABLE)
Note – Govt. Employee {Fully Exempt} Received by Legal Heir (Fully exempt)

Section – 10(10B)
Retrenchment Compensation
Least of the followings will be Exempt
1.Amount Received
2.Amount Calculated under “Industrial Dispute Act”
Note – Ref. Sec. 10(10B) of IT

Section – 10(10C)
Least of the followings will be Exempt
1.Amount Received
Note – Ref. Sec. 10(10C) of IT

Section – 10(13A)
The least of the following will be exempted
1.Amount received
2.50% or 40% of Salary
3.Rent paid less 10% of Salary
4.Salary means; Basic Salary+D.A

Section – 10(14)
Children Education Allowance.
Rs. 100 per month per child up to a maximum 2 children.

Hostel expenditure Allowance on employee’s child
Rs.300 per month per child up to a maximum two children.
Note: Allowance granted to meet Hostel expenditure Allowance on employee’s child.
Deductions under section 80 of Income Tax Act:
Section – 80C:
General deduction for investment in PPF, PF, Life Insurance, ULIP, Stamp duty on a house, Fixed deposits for 5 years , bonds etc. Maximum Rs. 1,50,000 is allowed. Investment need not be from taxable income.
Section – 80CCC
Deduction in case of a contribution to pension fund. However, it should be noted that surrender value or employer contribution is considered income. Maximum is Rs 1,50,000.
Section – 80CCD (1):
Deduction in respect to contribution to the new pension scheme. Employees of central and others are eligible.
The maximum is the sum of employer’s and employee’s contribution to the maximum: 10 % of salary.
Section – 80CCD (2): Employer’s Contribution towards employees Pension Fund ( This deduction additional amount of 80C 1.5 Lakh)
Section – 80CCD (1B): Additional deduction Max Rs. 50 thousand In NPS Account, out of 1.5 Lakh U/s 80C

Section – 80D
Medical insurance on self, spouse, children or parents. The deduction is also allowable for CGHS contribution to Central and State scheme. It is also for conducting health check up to Rs 6000.

And Rs 25,000 for self, spouse & children. Extra Rs. 25,000 for medical insurance. 
For Sr. Citizen above 60 Years can avail Rs. 30,000/-. Thus maximum is RS 55,000 per annum. 

Section – 80DD
For maintenance including treatment or insurance, the lives of physical disable dependent relatives
Rs 50,000. In case of disability is severe, the amount is Rs 1,50,000.

Section – 80DDB
For medical treatment of self or relatives suffering from specified disease. The actual amount paid to the extent of Rs 40,000. In the case 
of a patient being Sr Citizen, the amount is Rs 80,000.
Section – 80E
For interest payment on loan is taken for higher studies for self or education of spouse or children. The actual amount paid as interest and start from the financial year in which he /she starts paying interest and runs till the interest is paid in full. Watch the video on 80E.
Section – 80EE
Interest on home loan sanctioned during F. Y. 2016-17. Maximum  Rs 1.5 lakh.  

Section – 80G
Donations to a charitable institution. 100% or 50% of an amount 
of donation made to 19 entities (National defense fund, Prime minister relief fund etc). For Asst Yr 2016-17, National Children Fund will also get 100% deduction.
Section – 80GG
For rent paid. This is only for people not getting any House Rent Allowance. The maximum is Rs 5000 per month or Rs.60000/- P.A.
Section – 80GGA:
For the donation to entities in scientific research or rural development Fund. Only those taxpayers who have no business income can claim this deduction .The maximum is equivalent to 100 % of the donation. Note: Cash payment not allowed.

Section – 80TTA
Individual & HUF having interest in Savings Bank Account  Rs 10000 maximum Limit
Section – 80U
Deduction in respect of permanent physical disability including blindness to the taxpayer, RS 75,000 which goes to Rs 1,50,000 in case taxpayer is suffering from severe disability.

Section – 87A

Rebate to individual having below 5 lakh taxable income, Amount of tax of Rs 5,000/-

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